Designation: Technical Supt.
Location: Labuan/KK
Duration of contract: 24 months (with additional 12 months renewal option) Vessel Type: DP2 DSV/AHTS
Reporting Structure: Reports to Snr Technical Supt and Vessel Manager
 - Class 1 or 2  COC - Motor (NC or FG is accepted)

 - Prior experience in Shore Based Supt Role.

 - Valid COC will be given first priority.



 - Visits to Vessel for morning conference call with office along with Master and Chief Engineer (Mondays to Friday)

 - Ensure that Vessel PMS is followed and properly implemented on board

 - Ensure that PMS Schedules are up to date

 - Assist with ensuring that repairs are carried out properly, on time and within cost. This will include monitoring work progress of 3rd party contractors.

 - Ensure that critical spares are physically available and stored properly on board

 - Supervise and assist C/E and CO in ensuring vessel is in line with class and flag state requirements.

 - Ensure that spares and service requisitions are justified

 - Provide independent and adequate reporting to Snr Technical Supt and Vessel Manager to enable proper decision making

 - Sail with the vessel at least once a month for a duration of approximately 2 -3 days to ensure that proper operation and running conditions are being met

 - Ensure that vessel aesthetics, hygiene and cleanliness is being maintained.

Interested applicants are requested to send their CVs along with contact details and supporting documentation to the email addresses below: